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mei ([personal profile] mei) wrote2009-05-18 04:15 pm
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Comic-related things

Pirouettes are so good for compulsive eating.

I need to find more cracktastic manga, especially shoujo... I'm trying to catch up on FMA and read D.Grayman, but catching up always feels like more of a chore than it should. Manga should be fun! (Also, I'm secretly reading Vampire Knight on the side. I need my melodramatic gothic shoujo manga, shh.)

Webcomics to read would be nice too- I'm currently following Gunnerkrigg Court, The Phoenix Requiem, Daisy Owl, and xkcd. Gunnerkrigg Court is neat because of the air of mystery and dark fantasy elements. And Daisy Owl is cuuute. <3

Lastly, school finals are coming up! This is a no good very bad thing and means much cramming.

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