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CLAMP - xxxHolic, chapters 171-181

(first real entry)

I really liked the bits about Watanuki's cooking client, and food-psychology and learning about people through their cooking. The way he got the woman to open up, with quiet persistence and gently asking probing questions, is so very Watanuki but reminds me of Yuuko also, especially when he mentions hitsuzen.

And then... wah! Where'd Yuuko go, and why is everyone forgetting her? (I'm guessing it has to do with the space-time continuum and DOOM and crossovery bits from Tsubasa, which I have not read. I may have to read Tsubasa sometime just for the crossovery bits.)

Finally, chapter 181: Watanuki stumbles into the darkness of the shop, and is very surprised to see Yuuko (yay, she's back!). But apparently she no longer exists in Watanuki's reality. We get to read more about Watanuki's true feelings and how he's changed as a result of Yuuko.

I'm definitely getting the sense that the series is nearing its end, and hope some of the questions brought up will be answered :S What exactly is the nature of Yuuko? And what does the 'choice' that was made mean for Watanuki?

Also, I so want a Watanuki at my house to cook for me.

Stay tuned for more Totally Objective Manga Reviews!

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